Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Multiple Accounts on Facebook

Are you living a fantasy with multiple Facebook accounts?
Being back near my family I have seen a lot more of Facebook than I have ever wanted to see.  Daily I am shown or told what others say or do on Facebook.  Recently I mentioned that one of my wife's sisters stated "when you have the baby you have to be on Facebook."  While there is no way that is going to happen, the reality is, Facebook is showing its ugly face everywhere, and many are having a heck of a time staying away from it.

The problem seems to go deeper, however, than just having a Facebook account.  In fact, many of my family members have at least two accounts that they keep active.  I was blown away when I found out that a couple of friends both have two different Facebook accounts that they keep current.  One is their 'real self' and the other is an 'imaginary self.'  The question that I immediately have is: isn't pretty much every account on Facebook imaginary?  Why do you have two accounts?

The amount of time that one spends on just one Facebook account is depressing enough.  Spending time babysitting multiple Facebook accounts is just jaw dropping.  What kind of life are you living in the outside world?  It is no wonder that I am seeing that many people who live on Facebook are depressed with their regular lives.  Fooling themselves and others on Facebook into believing that their life is perfect may give them some solace, but they will never climb out of the slump that their life is in if they live each and every day on Facebook.

My wife's mother signs into Facebook once a day and when she does, the sister who said that we need to be on Facebook always messages her.  She is always on Facebook.  Facebook has become her world and she tells everything about her life, her thoughts, her political and religious views, her children's achievements, her angers, woes, and her love life on Facebook.  Her life is lived through Facebook.  In fact, she barely even exists outside of the site.  It is as if Facebook opened its ugly mouth and swallowed her whole.  And she loves it.  When I tell her that I am not on Facebook she seems perplexed and even angry that I am not on the site.  I honestly believe that if Facebook went down it would kill her.

If you have multiple accounts on Facebook, you may want to take a step back and ask yourself if you are really happy with spending that much time on a website.  People who have multiple accounts will tell me that they are not addicted to the site.  Then why then do they spend hours a day on it?  There are certain individuals who are going through hard times in life and they wonder why they can't climb out of it.  They think that somehow life will magically change for them.  While they are on their Facebook accounts, they believe that the universe is just going to change their lives.  They are in for a rude awakening.  Your life will likely never change if you are doing nothing to change it.  If you are spending hour after hour on multiple Facebook accounts you are not going to progress in your real life.  How one can believe that they can move forward while they're stagnating on Facebook baffles me.  

What are you missing by being on Facebook?
Sadly, it is incredibly hard to reach people who are glued to Facebook.  Many refuse to believe that they are wasting their lives.  People believe that Facebook is a requirement for living.  People believe that they are missing out by not tapping in to Facebook for hours a day.  Facebook sucks so many people in and in the end, most of it is a waste.  Instead of being connected with others you are instead disconnected from the people who are around you.  Many people tell me that Facebook has helped them connect to people far away.  Yet, the same people tend to ignore their children and spouses while they are glued to the site.  It's great that you can talk to your uncle in Germany, but what about your child who you are ignoring while you spy on your ex-boyfriend?

In the end, few people can tell me that they are not losing more than they are gaining by being on Facebook.  Stagnating lives, jealousy, time wasted, goals unmet, time missed with family and friends, personal growth are just a few of the things that you are probably losing if you are on Facebook.  There is no better time to leave Facebook than now.  Consider a detox.  Once you stay away long enough you will see that you don't miss it.  If you care at all about your life, there is no reason to waste it on (a)social media.  

Do you or someone you know have a problem keeping multiple Facebook accounts?  Do you want to leave Facebook?  Are you sick of the world's obsession with Facebook?  If so, please comment below.


  1. Hi my name is GI.., I have just come away from facebook. I,m only one click of a button away from it. but Im not allowing myself to go back there. something happened on facebook where my youngest daughter posted a comment which I felt really hurt and ever so bullied, because in doing that I got ten other nasty comments, I just felt so utterly totally attacked. when she did that she started a chain reaction

  2. Inow would like to come away completely. I wish I never joined. I would like to know how to leave altogether. easy to get in , but bloody hard to get out. HELP.....

  3. I would like to know how to get off facebook completely . I had a very bad experience the other day. lIdid not realize how mean people could be. so far Ihave pulled all my pictures down, deleted a lot of stuff done a lot of unfriending as well. I have only been on facebook since JANUARY26th2015. but didn't t tke me long to want to get out also found out who ,my real friends are, and who are loyal family members.

  4. Trying not to fall to deep into the hoopla on Facebook is how it should be managed. If we let what people we know say about us get to us and they know it...it will never stop on Facebook. It's called internet bullying. The fake people with nothing meaningfull in their life are attempting to create importance, rather good or bad, it makes no difference to them. Try dealing with a narcissist in real life on Facebook as well, that's what I call nonsensical babbling. There is a such thing where you can block people that bother you. I block people sending friend requests I really don't know because chances are its just another account of someone I've already blocked. Actually, I know it is because the narcissistic family member gets even more angry with me every time I have to block an unknown on Facebook, and they know I'm hardly ever on, and when I am I hardly ever say anything. Nothing going on in my status on Facebook is my protection. People important to me send me private messages and I respond to them directly. Know body else sees a thing.