Monday, October 20, 2014

You Can Not Have Nice Things

Or, don't bother with Facebook and (a)social media and live life instead
There are some of us who strive to have great lives and who work hard for all that we have, yet to be shot down when we think that we are about to have something nice.  Facebook was, to many of us, that "nice thing" that we thought would make our lives oh-so-much better.

The truth is, Facebook and other forms of (a)social media has made many lives worse, with the endless drama, anger, fighting, and movement away from those who we hold most dear.  Facebook was something we thought we could use as a tool to make our life somehow better, but instead it became a curse for many of us.  It became a snare in our life that took away our time with our children, or family, our friends, our productivity and moving forward in life.  It has literally raped the "good" out of many people's lives.  That is quite a shame.

I once was on Facebook and I thought that it was a good thing.  I thought that it would be nice to talk to family and friends and stay in touch with others, show off my accomplishments, and even have some entertainment.  Boy was I wrong.  Quickly after joining many people brought their drama right into my life.  Even though I lived hundreds of miles away, I was bombarded with all-consuming negativity.  People who I thought were sane had somehow fooled me for years.  They were all bat crazy on the internet!  I tried to appeal to reason to many who would not hear it.  I knew that I could not just blame people -- after all, many people change for the worse on the internet it seems.  However, what I saw was that something that I thought would be "good" and "nice" turned people "rotten" and "arrogant."  I was quickly disgusted.

I began by blocking others.  I blocked those who were negative and whose words hurt me.  I blocked those who perplexed me by their thoughtless fingers.  However, it did not take them long to find out that I blocked them.  Equipped with inordinate amounts of time on their hands, they found that I was still on the site!  They then confronted me about it.  They were angry and vengeful at me for removing them from my list of friends.  How could I dare live a healthy life and let toxic people try to ruin it for me?

Duh.  I said I wanted to deactivate didn't I?!?!!?!
So, instead, I ran like a little girl from Facebook.  I ran like a wild child being chased by ten thousand tigers through a forest of endless sorrow and inordinate fear.  I felt numb when I told Facebook I was done.  When the site asked me if I would miss all my friends, I did not know what to think.  Would they hunt me down, trying to see if I was still on this site, or would they go on with their virtual lives and forget about me?  I hoped it would be the latter. 

Many of us just can not have nice things.  Many of us lived in a fantasy world where we thought that Facebook would really allow us to have a nice virtual relationship with our family and friends who lived so far away.  Instead, reality stung hard.  We were bombarded with bragging, arrogance, fighting, bickering, and constant unending drama.  Our eyes basically bled when we read what some people said to others.  We saw people act holier than thou and proclaim their greatness while others shared their political views to the world even though nobody wanted to hear about them any longer.  In short, Facebook was not the nice thing we thought it was.  Maybe we just can't have nice things when it comes to (a)social media.