Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Instagram: An Obsession

Lately, Instagram was an obsession of mine.  Much like Facebook has been in the past.  I unplugged for a couple of weeks and people wondered where I went.  I posted again and felt empty. I remembered the time I spent on the site, my wife saying "you spend a lot of time on Instagram" and realizing that she was right.  I had about 670 followers and about 450 pictures on one account (photos of my travels around the world).   The other was for friends and family.  I feel quite disgusting talking about it.  Sharing my dark secrets with the world.  This is was my shame.

Today I deleted my accounts.  It was hard, but I did it.  Unlike Facebook, it seems that Instagram deletes your account right away.  Everything goes "poof" quickly.  Part of me did not want to let go - I liked Instagram a lot more than Facebook.  But in the end, it was a worthless pursuit.  A selfish pursuit.  An empty pursuit.  Gathering likes, hoping to get followers, and spending hours away from the same family members I was posting about.  Instead of learning a new language or spending time with family, I was face in phone, trying to please my ego.

I deleted it.  It's gone!

From my journal, in which I wrote in more detail about leaving Instagram:

From now on I am going to live for myself and my family.  No more living to share my moments with others.  That is a bad trait that has become the world’s obsession.  Why waste time taking a picture and wondering what others will think of it?  Why waste time taking a picture and wondering how others will view your life?  Why should we care so much?  Why should we feel that we need to validate ourselves to others?  Do I really need to impress others with my life?  I think that it is pointless.  It is one thing to create memories and share those memories online, but it is another to think that others should care about our lives and that our lives are so wonderful that others will want to follow them.  My life is not that great - and nobodies is.  Movie stars, music stars, business people, their lives are not worth being obsessed over.  To think that others should obsess over me is vanity and vain.  
We only have one life to live.  Why spend so much time thinking about and obsessing over the past instead of making new memories?  Why spend our time, face in phone, hoping that people will notice us?  Looking back, it was all a huge waste, and one that I am glad to put behind me.

Facebook... gone
Instagram... gone

The world of (a)social media will not control my life.  Will it control yours?