Wednesday, December 9, 2015

What Ever Happened to Myspace Tom?

Sometimes some of my readers send me an interesting article that they would like to have featured on this website.  One such article that was sent to me is the story of the man that many of you may have, at one time, been well acquainted with, but have let slip from your mind.  That man is "Myspace Tom."

I am sure many of you have interesting memories of Myspace.  Depending on how one defines "social network," this was probably my first.  I made a Myspace back when I was in college, maybe about nine or ten years ago now.  And, to be honest, I found that much of the same drama that exists on Facebook was on Myspace.  Myspace was the first place for many to really show off their lives and brag about their accomplishments en mass on the internet.  It was a place to write in detail about what we did, to show off our food, and to make complete and utter fools out of ourselves (just like we do on Facebook). Many of us were young, and for some, Myspace was our training wheels for (a)social media.

Most of Myspace's users were younger people.  And I found that for most, once Facebook started becoming big, many of us left Myspace and never looked back.

But, what happened to the man who created it all?  I am sure many of you remember that iconic picture of Tom with the white shirt and that crazy look in his eye.  Did he, too, get sucked into Facebook and (a)social media, or is he doing something else with his life?  He is no longer the big cheese behind Myspace.   In fact, according to Wikipedia, "Myspace was sold to News Corp in 2005 for $580 million and in June 2011, Specific Media Group and Justin Timberlake jointly purchased the company for approximately $35 million."  In short, Tom has come into quite a bit of money.

I am sure Tom's life is one of envy for many.  What is more interesting is the fact that Tom has created quite a life for myself out in the real world.
Anderson doesn’t appear to have been swept up in the behavior his platform exacerbated. How should Anderson be allowed to live so carefree when he singlehandedly helped usher in the era of friendship established by meaningless connections on the Internet?
That's right, Tom has seemed to escape from the confines of a life spent on the (a)social media that he helped create.  He is living a life that many of us, on (a)social media dream of.  A life that seems, for many of us, unattainable.  It is quite ironic that one of the people who created this world of digital friendships and "connections" between people is now no longer a part of it.  

To be honest, I am quite happy for him.  Myspace is pretty much dead now.  It exists, but it no longer has the appeal and pull that Facebook has.  To me, Myspace was part genius on Tom's part, and it was him, and not Zuckerberg, that really got the whole thing up and going.  It would have been nice if it all ended with Myspace.   When comparing my perceptions of Tom and Zuckerberg, Tom seems more of a quiet person who goes on with his life, and Zuckerberg seems like he is on a mission to make the entire world suck on the teat of (a)social media, destroying every iota of privacy that exists in the world.  Myspace never existed to "connect the entire world" or to make the world, in some warped way, a "better place for everyone."  I can not wrap my head around how every person being on Facebook makes the world a better place.  Kudos to you Tom for getting away from that and going outside and seeing the world.