Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Facebook Does Not Like This Website - Facebook is Angry That Facebook Detox Has Been Around For Over FOUR Years!

Facebook is angry that this
site is still around.
Facebook does not like this website.  In fact, it bothers them a great deal that there are people out there who are not buying into Mark Zuckerburg's idea of a "more connected world."  Facebook is of the belief that everyone in the world should be connected to each other.  Facebook wants every single man, woman and child to be a member of Facebook.

Yet, there are people out there who refuse to sign up.  There are people out there who are sick and tired of hearing about every small political issue over and over again.  There are people out there who believe in the virtue of privacy or who want to keep their likes and dislikes to themselves.  There are people out there who would rather spend time in the real world instead of in a fantasy world where people pretend to be something that they are not.

There are many who are tired of the cliques that exist on Facebook and who have been burnt out of the whole drama game that Facebook is legendary for!  Believe me, dear reader, if Facebook could silence this page, they would.  They would love to shut this website down.  After all, this is one of the oldest and largest websites that is against Facebook, and it is one that, after four years, is still up on the internet!  That's right, we are not going anywhere!

I believe that the message of this website is as relevant today as when it was created in March of 2012.  I believe that there are people who are still stuck in the belief that they need Facebook and who are sick of logging onto depression every single day who would LOVE to get off of the site for good.  I believe that there are some who would welcome freedom from Facebook as a HUGE breath of fresh air.

Look at your own life.  Are you a member of Facebook?  Does it really do much for you?  Are you really in close contact with all your friends on there?  Would your life really change for the worse if you got rid of it all?  Will you be missed?  Every time I went back to Facebook and left I realized that I was not missed in the slightest!  In fact, hardly anyone cares when you come and go.  And those that did care when I left were the ones who were worried that their being on Facebook was maybe not a good choice.  Yet, many refuse to let go.  Many refuse to take the plunge and delete Facebook from their lives.

All I have to say is just try it.  Deactivate and let go.  You'll want to go back.  You'll want to prove yourself and your life to your friends for a while.  But it gets old.  You will realize that every word you type on that site is a huge waste of time.  Your best post will get a few seconds of attention.  Your vacation pictures may get a quick glance.  Nobody is going to be admiring your art for more than a few moments.  Few will go through your photo albums, no matter where in the world you visited. And even if you happen to garner a few likes, your post will be forgotten in mere minutes.  Is it worth it?

No.  It is not worth it.  Not in the slightest.

Let go...