Friday, January 18, 2019

How Do You Delete That Facebook Profile That You Spent So Much Time To Build?

How do you delete something you that you worked so hard to build?  How do you get rid of something that has so many memories for you?  Those are the hard questions that many encounters when they are making their grand exodus from the (a)social media behemoth and time waster extraordinaire, Facebook!  In this post, I will answer those questions and show you how to clear your time and mind to begin creating a life that will be better than anything you could have achieved being a slave to (a)social media.  

I, myself, was once a slave of (a)social media.  I used to slither around its dark chasms, comparing my life with my sister in laws (and one's feisty roommate), who also had their own addictions with (a)social media that they cared not to battle.  I wondered what was happening with friends from yesteryear, and what my contemporaries were up to.  In short, I was busy living everyone's life but my own.  But, the big thing was, that I was posting my entire life to validate myself and my choices to others.  It was a trainwreck that had yet to leave the station and an embarrassment to even speak of.  Did any good come of it?  I look back at my own past with Facebook and see years worth of fights starting as a result to something or other that was posted.

There are many stories of fighting and drama that takes place day after day on (a)social media, with the rest of the world playing the part of the spectator. Stories of couples that break up and tarnish each other's reputations on Facebook to become once again deeply in love, sharing that "love" with the rest of the world as if the bad had never happened.  On and off, on and off.  The Facebook roller coaster rides on!  The only difference is now I am off of it and loving life.  When do others wake up and realize that the world without Facebook is unprecedented peace?  When do others realize that they can do so so much in life without Facebook literally tethering their face to their phones?

You don't live in the past.  You live now.  There are many ways to keep track of your past that are far better than Facebook.  Keep a blog.  You can make it private if you choose.  This allows you to actually write and formulate thoughts.  Writing is good for your mind and it's a real-life skill that you can take with you to the far reaches of your professional life.

Speaking of journals, I recently took a look in one of mine and found this written, which really sums up some of my thoughts nicely:
"I think that Facebook, Twitter, and similar sites have diminished people's capacity for individual thought and social skills.  I feel that those sites have done so much damage to interpersonal relationships.  Of course, many will not agree with me, those sites are pretty much worshipped by many.  I was talking to a couple of family members a couple months back that said that they wish they could leave Facebook.  Now they are more obsessed than ever with it.  Sadly, these are people who used to write blogs and journals with substance.  Now everything is just a sentence (or a meme) from them.  The same can be said for everyone who has left blogging for Facebook."
Things have been reduced to simple "one sentence" updates and posts where no thought has been given.  Why is this?  Well, the attention span that the (a)social media age has makes a goldfish look like a scholar.  Everything is a single serving, quick, no substance.  It's the way of the (a)social media world.  And, most seem to like it that way.   It's almost as if deep thought is just an obscure sport.

It is said that you can save your Facebook profile when you leave, and there is truth to this.  You can.  But that's just in case you want to go back.  Some people may feel compelled to erase or block all their friends and keep their profile private.  For others, this may sound extreme.  I once did this to make sure I did not go back.  Sometimes desperate times call for desperate measures.  That's just life.

So, how do you get rid of something that you put so much time into?  Well, think of it this way.  You put a lot of time into your last job, but you left it when you realize that there was something better out there, didn't you?  You may have put a lot of time into dating your ex, but you moved on from that, right?  Maybe you changed careers in life.  But didn't you put so much time into schooling and training for your old one?  I went to law school but decided to go back to school for teaching.  That's just life as well.  Sometimes we put a lot of work into something and leave.

Yet, Facebook seems so personal.  It seems that it's a real creative endeavor.  And there's no doubt that some creativity does go into the site.  After all, many people do no writing outside of Facebook.  And for a huge part of the world, Facebook is pretty much all the reading or the majority of all reading that takes place in one's life.  This does make it hard to leave because it's your creation.  Yet, the truth is, you can keep creating.  Maybe start writing a blog instead.  You can even make money off your blog creation.  Some have gone on to make a lot of money from their creative websites.  How much has your Facebook brought in for you?  Chances are, your Facebook use has actually cost you money.

I remember a while back people were in an uproar about the idea that Facebook would be charging money for people to use.  Of course, this was not true, but the lie was going around like wildfire (much of what you read on Facebook is actually not true).  So many people were mad about this, but few seemed to take a step back and realize that the time they were spending on Facebook was keeping them from being more productive.  I majored in economics in college, and one thing that we learned was that time spent doing something takes time away from doing something else.  There is a cost to all of our actions and inactions.  If I could start a business but instead spend my time on Facebook, the cost of my time spent on Facebook is the possible earnings that I would have brought in by starting a business (or doing something else that was worth my time).  This could also be said about the cost of being sedentary and not exercising, the regret we will later feel about not spending time with our children and family, or letting the world pass us by.  Are your Facebook memories worth trading future memories with your family and friends for?  Seriously?

Many have been reading this blog and are on the fence.  "Oh, my Facebook use is not that great," some cry.  Is it?  I have heard people that I know say that -- some of whom have MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.  When you think they are off Facebook for a while you just find out they were on another account.  Sad.  If you are logging in each day and thinking about what happens on Facebook when you log out, then you are spending too much time on it.  If Facebook causes you to want to check it and to get nervous when you have not, you are spending too much time on it.  If you are spending even an hour of your waking day on the site, you are spending too much time on it.  If it causes drama in your life or makes you feel upset, then you are spending too much time on it.  If you want to do other things in life but don't and spend time instead on Facebook, you are spending too much time on it.  If you are having trouble with doing the tasks that you need to do in life but find time to slither around like an angry boa on Facebook, then yes, you are spending too much time on it!  Now is the time.  Go go go!

Are you worried that Facebook has your memories and you don't want to overtax your brain having to keep them in there, too?  Do you think it's too hard to leave Facebook?  Do you have more than one Facebook account?  Do you want to accomplish something else in life but you feel that you can't?  Are you a heavy user, clocking in more than an hour a day?  Do the political and drama posts make you feel lethargic?  Do you wish you could leave but feel held back?  Did you break free from Facebook?  If so, please post your comments below.  Thank you!

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