Thursday, January 24, 2019

Whether or Not to Be on Facebook (Or Social Media) is a Choice

You ever feel like you need to do something?  I mean, like you really should be doing it.

Everyone else is, so you might as well, right?

No, not "might as well" -- I mean, you should do it.  Because.  Well...  It's required for life.

I have.  I felt that way with a lot of things when I was younger.  I felt that to be a legitimate adult I needed a house, family, job, car, and all that society tells us we should have.  Oh.  And one more thing:  I thought I should be on Facebook.

Well, get this.  I don't have a house.  I don't have a car.  And I work for free.

I do have a family though, but I'm not currently on Facebook.  And you know what?  Life for me is amazing!

We are sold this idea that we need to be on (a)social media to have a so-called "good" life.  And if we are not plugged in and checking up on everyone we ever met, our life lacks something.  Well, I don't agree!  Not one bit!  In fact, I have found through the experience of my own and reading the experience of others that a life away from (a)social media can actually be optimal.  I have watched other people who are plugged into sites like Facebook and Instagram wasting time and feeling depressed.  Guess what?  I'm far less depressed when I'm away from it.  Facebook is DEPRESSING!  And so are a lot of people who I talk to who are not on sites like Facebook or Instaskin.

The conventional life, the "one size fits all" life, the "do it like everyone else does it" life is for the birds.  Many people have told me over the years that I am strange or am not living right, but I look at my life and others and I say, I'm happy with my life.  Great marriage, great family structure, plenty of cash, plenty of time to develop myself.  Yeah, it's good.  Real good.  And where did all this come from?  Well, being productive which was brought on by curbing my use of (a)social media.

You see, when I was younger I was building my future while others were building their profiles.  I was developing my life while some were developing their friend's lists.  And, you know what?  When I went on Facebook, I was actually sometimes jealous of the amounts of likes that others got on their posts when my real life was just crushing the competition!  Isn't that just messed up?  Yeah, my posts didn't have the (a)social media weight as others did, but I was hanging out in Morocco, Germany, Switzerland, Red Sea Coast, Azerbaijan, Ukraine, and plenty of other countries, earning money daily through my own businesses, and I was jealous because my posts of the Georgian Highlands or the vistas of Tbilisi and Marrakech didn't reel in the same amount of likes as my sister-in-law's new hair color!  What in the world?

Life isn't about virtual likes, though.  It's not about who on the other side of a computer or phone "approves" of your day.  Until you wake up and realize that, you're going to be stuck in a roller coaster like cycle of depression and elation.  Why do these things matter to people?  Why did they matter to me?  Because we are told they do and they were built to psychologically control us.  (A)social media is a psychological mind game.  It's built to be addictive and to make us act in certain ways.  We want likes and we will do anything to get them.  But what's the point?  What does it do for our life?  Sure, it makes something in our mind feel better.  We feel acceptance.  So what?  Acceptance from a person we have not seen in decades?  Does it really make our life any better or worse?  I mean, if you think about it, does getting a like on Facebook really have anything to do with the course of your life?  Does it make a night on the beaches of Phuket or a movie with your family really any better or worse?  No.  It doesn't.  It's all mental.  It's psychological.  It's ridiculous, really.

People will always tell you how to live your life.  Ever since I was in law school, I have a really creepy stalker-person follow me around and post how I should be working in a law office instead of traveling the world and running my own businesses that are based in the United States.  It angers him that I don't use my degree in the way he was taught to use his.  But, so what?  Too bad.  We all have different lives.  We are all given the ability to choose how we want to live.  Some people won't ever understand that.  They'd rather spend their lives on the internet, telling others how to live.  That's kind of what (a)social media is like, isn't it?

Likewise, some people are going to tell you that you need to be on Facebook.  No, you don't.  You don't have to be anywhere you don't want to be.  If you want to not be on (a)social media, the more power to you.  In fact, you are going to probably have a much better life than those who are plugged in and chugging away for likes day after day after day.

Facebook is optional.

Instagram is optional.

Your presence on social media is optional.

Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

Do you got someone breathing down your neck telling you that you just have to be on (a)social media?  Do you feel like your life is not legitimate if you are not doing what society tells you that you should be doing?  Did you learn in school or by others that if you don't follow the prescribed course for life then you are doing it all wrong?  Do you want to give up Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, but feel that you'd be a pariah of the world if you did?  If so, share your comments!  

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