Thursday, January 17, 2019

Your Newfound Freedom From Facebook!

There is this thing that happens when you are away from (a)social media.  Actually, it's a few things.  First, you feel incredibly vindicated and good about yourself.  It's must be somewhat of what leaving a cult or a bad marriage must feel like.  It doesn't happen in the first couple of days, but I would say after a few days, this feeling washes over you.  It's a refreshing feeling.  It's a good feeling.  It's the best early stage of leaving Facebook.

At this point, you are also seeing how little you use your phone and the internet.  You find that there isn't really that much to do online.  Much of what you were involved with on the internet was a real waste of time.  Facebook was kind of like a black hole that took all of your time.  It took you from one website to another, blindly just following these links.  What a waste!  And, the things that there are to get done are all more productive.  You don't find yourself lifting up your phone nearly as much.  You are actually listening to and observing the outside world.  And, the world seems so different.  Not just different, but more interesting and even better as a whole.

Second, you are starting to feel sorry for those who are still locked into their phones.  It's a whole different world for them.  You want to help them.  You want to send them to this site.  You want to suggest that they quit (a)social media, too.  However, when you do this, you find that many people have no desire to quit.  The idea, it seems, is strange and boarding on insane.  You can't understand it, because at this point you know just how great it is being away.  You don't envy them though.  No way!  Not at this point.

Third, your vindication grows into this feeling of disdain for the time that you wasted on (a)social media.  As you see your time is freed up, and you see the accomplishments in life you are making pile high, you look at your time on Facebook and (a)social media as a type of prison.  You look at it how a prisoner may look at their past in the cell, outside of society.  While you had a chance to improve, you did not.  You squandered your life and time.  You wasted it.  You threw it away.  And you are angry as you think about it.  How could you do that?!

It's time to take a deep breath.  Your world is different now.  You are off Facebook.  Your social media use is going the way of the dinosaur and the dodo.  The gates of a brave new world are blowing open and the sky is the limit of what you can achieve!  Your shackles have fallen off and you are walking tall, like a free man fresh out of the clink.  Doesn't it feel good to taste that clean air, to feel the winds of change blowing against you?  There's a momentum that is gathering.  It's like a boulder rolling down a cliff into a small mountain village.  Every obstacle in its way is about to be obliterated.  Twitter.  BAM!  Insta... BAM!  F A C E goodbye B O O K!!!!!  

Like a recovering alcoholic, you are keeping track of the days since you have been away.  Each day is a new life.  You are recovering.  Growing.  Coming into your own.  Man, oh man it feels good good good!  One day turns into two.  Two days morph into a week.  A week quickly turns into a month.  A month slithers into six.  Six months warps itself into one year.  Life is different now, isn't it?  You are looking back and seeing an old you that you never desire to reacquainted with.

Maybe you are keeping a journal of your time off Facebook.  This is a good idea for those who want the full detox experience.  Keep track of what you are accomplishing.  Keep track of the growth you are making and the temptations that exist that threaten to take you back.  There's this thing about addictions.  They are always very hard to escape from.  But, you have to stand strong.  You have to use that momentum, those good feelings, to propel you further and further away.  After all, you now know that it was the biggest waste of time in your life.

What to do?  What to do?  First, celebrate.  Celebrate and give thanks.  You are away.  You are free!  You are free!  Next, plan what you will fill that once worthless void with.  Put your phone down and live!  There is so much you can do with your life.  So much.  Go live it.  You are free.  Go go go!  Now is the best time to live.

Was it hard for you to give up Facebook?  What feelings did you have after you left?  Now that your Facebook detox is progressing, how will you spend the time that you once spent buried in your phone?  Are you ready for a new life?  If you have not given up Facebook or walked away from harmful forms of social media, now is the best time to do so!  

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