Friday, February 1, 2019

The Beast is Growing - Facebook Continues to Add New Members!

Have you been sitting around wondering if Facebook is still growing?  Well, according to the BBC, Facebook is still growing like a monster:
The mind boggles. In 2018 Facebook saw the Cambridge Analytica scandal, political manipulation, fake news, data breaches and accusations of deeply unethical behaviour.
Despite this, profits are up by almost 40%. Facebook isn't just surviving, it's thriving.
In the face of severe turbulence, Mark Zuckerberg's company has proven to be resilient. Source: BBC: Facebook Users Continue to Grow Despite Scandals
Wow, isn't that just something?  And it's proof positive that the world is obsessed with the beast of time wasting!  The BBC did give a nugget of information about it all though:  "User growth was particularly strong in India, Indonesia and the Philippines, but flat in the US and Canada.."  Well, what does that mean?  Well, it means that people in the good ol' USA and Canada are not being added to Facebook as fast as those good folks in Asia.  It may be due to the fact that more and more people over time are getting better phones and computers as Asian economies grow.  And with new phones and computers comes Facebook and other apps such as Instaskin!  Wowzers!

Remember how a few days ago I had mentioned that I would sometimes see someone I know not post for a while on Facebook and feel incredibly proud of them to later find out that they were posting on another Facebook profile?  That was the case with someone in my own family, who sometimes swaps out identities because it's more fun to be two people instead of one.  Please, tell me what this does for your real life identity?  Oh, that's right: NOTHING.

Time is churning like a lion pacing in its den and Facebook is growing faster than one of those little sponge animals that you add water to in order to see grow.  What madness, huh?  Whenever I feel compelled to log back onto Facebook or reactivate my Instaskin account, I remind myself that there is literally NO REASON AT ALL for me to go back.  What would I go back for?  To spend more time eyeballing the screen of my phone?  Would it be to put aside my real life time with family and instead look at political banter and endless humble and not so humble-brags?  Would it be to show the world just how "exciting" my own life is?  Is it to feel better about myself or to try to raise the white flag of defeat on a shattered self-esteem?  Is it to fit in with a crowd of those who can't seem to log off into the real world as much as they log into Facebook?  Tell me, please:  What would be the point?

Would it be to appease those in my life who may or may not think that I should be on Facebook like everyone else is?  Oh, no no no.  None of those ideas should make me go back.  To be peer pressured back into signing up to a website that literally sucks your life away from you is like signing your own death warrant.  It's not worth it.